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A butcher shop with no meat on display? That’s right, our shop is not the usual, without a single sausage or steak in sight. This is because everything we do is tailored to your wishes.
Perhaps you fancy meatballs for dinner tonight. If you came into our store with this request, we’d ask you a few questions first. Would you like them with or without onions, with less salt, and perhaps a couple of smaller meatballs for your children?
Tastes differ, and that’s good. It forces us to listen better to each customer. Once we have determined your preferences, we take the meat out of our refrigerators and start processing your order.

No idea what to serve for dinner tonight? We’re happy to inspire you. After all, there’s nothing we like more than really great food. Throughout four generations, we have worked in our own unique way in our Hillegersberg shop. Customers from Rotterdam and far beyond know where to find us.
We know the preferences of most of our regular clients. They give us their trust and we return it. Visit us and let yourself be convinced by the quality and service.