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We work with whole carcasses, which is not the easiest choice. Cutting and maturing happen in-house, as well as the subsequent processing of the meat. This is the “old-fashioned” butcher’s craft that many colleagues no longer practice.

With techniques such as brining, drying, smoking or maturing, we make everything from smoked bacon to ham. We process meat into hamburgers or meatballs or flavor it with homemade marinades or our own spice mixes.

For us, it’s obvious to use all parts of the animal, from head to tail. When a fine animal has been slaughtered, the craftsperson must process all its meat into high-quality products. We don’t waste a single shred: we make delicious pâtés and rillettes or a flavorful stock of heads, feet, and legs.

It takes many hours of work between the meat on the carcass and the neatly vacuum-packed end product, but we enjoy doing that for our customers. They expect consistent quality week after week. The Beef Wellington for the holiday table should be excellent, but the meatballs for a weekday dinner should be equally outstanding.


The updated Hygiene Code for the Butcher’s Industry took effect in March 2021. We work according to this code and produce according to these guidelines. Consequently, we comply with the latest food safety legislation.

We would like to inform you that we process allergens in our production areas. We are happy to answer any questions regarding allergens and other ingredients. We can be reached via +31 (0)10 – 418 2000 or WhatsApp at +31 (0)6 – 53 687 655