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Whoever sets foot into our shop, steps back in time. To 1955, to be precise.

Our interior is in the same condition as Dirk Tol had envisioned when he designed the store together with his brother Bas, an architect. Dirk had an extraordinary interest in design and art and dreamed of a store design with the newest of the new: sleek, almost neoclassical display cases, stainless steel doors, a chrome chandelier, a granite floor with a logo, and a few eye-catching works of art. The then-hypermodern showcases have remained empty since the beginning: almost immediately, it was discovered that the light was detrimental to the meat. We have become known as the “shop without meat”.

The interior has been preserved almost perfectly except for a few adjustments to accommodate a modern-day butcher’s shop. Our store is included in the book “Interieurs van herrijzend Nederland 1940-65”, commissioned by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands.