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A trade magazine called us “meat artists”: we would have elevated the butcher’s craft to an art. We take that as a compliment. We would like to be an artist with our “material”. That material is the finest quality meat – only from female animals because of its softer texture.

Yet we prefer to say “our craft”, rather than our art. In our time, the term “traditional” has lost its meaning since even supermarket products are labeled as such. To us, our craft means using ancient wisdom and modern techniques to process the material into excellent culinary products. This is where we can use all our creativity.

We regularly receive a half carcass, which we hang on hooks in the store. We don’t do this for show: it’s just part of our daily routine. We immediately begin working on the carcass, not behind a wall, but in the shop.

First, we cut the carcass into large, primal cuts, which are then individually boned and skinned. We let those parts carefully age to achieve a fuller taste in the meat. We cut traditional pieces, such as rump steaks or rib eye steaks, but on request, we cut according to other traditions, such as a T-bone steak (bistecca) or very thin slices for Japanese sukiyaki.

If you’re interested, you are more than welcome to come by and see how we work.